By Cindy W. Hollingsworth

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Cindy W. Hollingsworth has spent her life dedicated to the dance arts and dance education. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a BS degree in dance. She and her husband owned and operated dance studios in both Virginia and North Carolina for over 43 years. They also founded Dance Troupe, Inc. (DTI), a large national dance seminar and competition company dedicated to the tradition of dance excellence.

Cindy  began writing in her early years. She often wrote scripts for children’s plays, pageants, or recital themes. Many of the dance-studio recital programs had introductions written by her. These were poems related to the themes of the shows. She has written poems for other dance teachers as well and writes biographies and resumes for performers and teachers on request.

Though she never seriously considered writing for publication, Cindy  often found her heart called to record--in verse or narrative--various aspects of life that touched her soul. In 2011, she wrote, sang vocals for, and produced a children’s CD for dance and listening called Songs in My Head. She wrote the accompanying dance teachers’ manual with helpful hints for classroom use of the CD and collaborated on the coloring-book page related to each of the songs.

According to the author, “My life has always been about dance and creating through movement. Now my creativity has led to other forms of the arts such as songwriting, poetry, and children’s rhymes and short stories.

Cindy W. Hollingsworth

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The first stanza of Cindy’s rhyming tale introduces readers to the tune that played in Anna’s head over and over. It illustrates well her excitement about her shimmering ballet costume as she imagines herself whirling and twirling in it.

Everywhere Anna went, she imagined herself in her pretty pink costume and heard the tune in her head.

On the day her dance teacher passed out their costumes, Anna could hardly contain herself. She joyfully jumped up and down as she held her sparkly costume.

Anna’s costume was everything she’d imagined. Its pink soft net, puffy bow, tiny round sequins, and lace top were perfect.

On the day of their show, Anna had her hair in a bun and

wore her shimmering costume. She was the beautiful dancer

she’d dreamed she would be. She whirled and twirled as her

costume swirled around her. After the lights dimmed, Anna’s

dance memories were hers forever.

Both the rhyming text and the insightful, fun artwork in this book portray the exuberant, anticipatory, and happy actions and thoughts of little Anna.

Anna’s Ballet Costume is a bouncy, endearing picture book for children. Readers will be whirling and twirling with Anna in real life or in their minds. The colorful, fun text in Anna’s ongoing song in her head will have readers singing it along with her. After all the anticipation, they won’t be able to wait to read about Anna’s ballet performance. They’ll share in the wide array of emotions dancers experience before and during a special performance in a scintillating

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