By Stella Barton Day

Picture Book
28 pages


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Anna the Storm-Drain Water Cat

Stella Barton Day

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 Stella’s dad was from North Carolina, served in World War II, and met her mom who was Italian. Stella was born in Rome. When the author was four years old, her mom and dad moved to the United States. Stella continued to live in Rome with her grandmother until the age of six when her mother came back to move her to North Carolina. When Stella came to this country, she didn’t know how to speak one word of English.

 Stella currently lives with her supportive husband in Greensboro, North Carolina. They have three grown children: Anthony, Matthew, and Laura. To their delight, they also have eight very active grandsons (no granddaughters yet) who have always been avid readers and listeners. Even their two-year-old grandsons love books, so it’s a good thing Stella has always loved books and telling stories. Interestingly, their grandsons also have lots of hats, many of which are ones that Stella has crocheted for them.        

The author went to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for her undergraduate work. Her first job was with the Greensboro Public Library. Her second job was as a middle-school teacher. Currently Stella is a long-standing Realtor with Allen Tate Realtors® and an active volunteer.

 Gardening, reading, and crafts are the author’s hobbies. She’s currently focusing on crocheting. Besides the hats for her eight grandsons, she crochets afghans and baskets.                                

 As an only child, Stella has always been drawn to animals, especially dogs and cats. She’s had pets for her entire life. Both children and animals have always been dear to her heart. Anna the Storm-Water Drain Cat, the author’s first book, incorporates both. Stella loves this new creative endeavor of writing and hopes that you enjoy her first offering. She’s writing a children’s mystery and more children’s books, so look for additional selections to come in the future.

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