By Cathy Robbins

34 pages

Grade Levels 2‒5

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Tenino grew up on a farm in southwestern Italy. He wanted to visit the great cities in Italy. One day he said good-bye to his farm friends and began his adventure.

 As Tenino visited each city, he befriended a cat in each place. The cats showed Tenino all the sights of the cities.

 Tenino started in Sorrento where he ate his first fresh ocean-fish dinner. Then he went to Assisi where he saw the basilica. He traveled on to romantic Venice where he enjoyed watching a gondola. Florence’s spectacular architecture and art masterpieces awed him. In Pisa he saw its famed leaning tower. Because he was homesick for the farm, Tenino went to Siena to see the horses. Siena is known for its horse races. Finally Tenino made his way to Rome, his ultimate destination.

 By the end of his first day in Rome, he met many of the cats living there. Tenino knew he had found his new home and that he would be very happy living in Rome with all the cats.

 The soft watercolors of the background artwork in this book give readers an intriguing look at the cities and countrysides of Italy. This book shows that Tenino’s dream of touring around Italy paid off exactly as the cat had planned.

 Tenino’s Adventures Through Italy is a fascinating look at Italian cities and life. Its cat characters will entertain readers. This story’s happy ending will make readers glad that Tenino found his new home of his dreams.

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Cathy Robbins was a physical-education teacher in elementary schools who integrated reading books aloud into her lessons.      

 She was born in High Point, North Carolina. At an early age, she became interested in dance. She took lessons at area dance studios. Cathy graduated from UNCG with a degree in physical education and a major in dance.    

Though Cathy loves dance, life steered her into a career in fitness, wellness, and sports. She worked with YMCA’s and YWCA’s in North Carolina and Ohio before going into teaching.         

 Cathy still lives in High Point with her husband Gary on a farm with lots of critters. She retired from teaching and enjoys doing yoga, playing Sudoku,  traveling, and antiquing. Most of her days are spent keeping up the farm’s grounds and caring for their animals.      

 Cathy enjoys giving dinner parties and afternoon teas. But bush-hogging, weed-eating, and mucking barn stalls put a smile on her face. Then she shares fun times with family and friends after work is done.