Angie Carpenter

The Tale of a Blind Deer

Angelia Michelle Kirk Carpenter—who goes by Angie—grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She and her family currently reside in Walnut Cove, where they’ve lived for about seven years.

According to Angie’s husband Darrell, they’ve been married for 103 years, but Angie says that it’s actually been almost 21. Angie is the proud mother of five children and three grandchildren.

For about 20 years, Angie was a member of management in corporate America. Then she was an award-winning dog groomer at A Becoming Pet in Greensboro. She says that dog grooming was a wonderful adventure to have as a job. And she enjoyed dog-grooming competitions. Currently, she is a photographer and writer for The Foothill Times. Angie thoroughly loves what she does now.

When Angie isn’t working, she’s passionate about everything outdoors, countrified, adventurous, and fun! The outdoors is her favorite place, even if she’s just sitting in the woods taking pictures. Four-wheeling, swimming, and hiking are favorites. And she likes to play cards, do crafts, take cruises, and travel. Every moment of her precious time with her children and grandchildren is treasured.

As for hunting, Angie calls herself a novice who loves its adrenaline rush. She hunts with both a bow and guns. Though deer hunting is her passion, her other favorite animal to hunt is squirrels. So far Angie has hunted only in North Carolina, but her husband and son have hunted for wild bear in Maine and for whitetail deer and wild boars in Georgia.

Angie’s favorite color is pink, and yes, they do make pink camouflage.

By Angie Carpenter

82 pages

Grades 2‒6

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New author Angie Carpenter wrote this book after being inspired by her husband, Darrell, who is a hunter and has seen many unique and amazing sights while sitting in tree stands. He came up with the idea for the story and encouraged her to take it one step further. Angie brought the heartfelt tale together with her unique take on an entire community of caring forest animals that pitches in to help keep a blind deer alive in their part of the forest. Angie’s book, Digewi Deer—The Tale of a Blind Deer, is at the same time heartrending and educational.

Digewi Deer—The Tale of a Blind Deer is a touching, educational fiction book for children of all ages. Readers will learn about the realities of growing up in the forest. They will be introduced to actual forest animals via the photographs throughout the book. Digewi Deer, his mother, and their forest friends will encourage readers to understand that a physical handicap is not insurmountable and that there are ways to counter its challenges. This well-crafted story offers many real-life lessons that both children and adults will benefit from hearing and reading over and over.



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