By CharLene Seay

Chapter Book

62 pages

Grade Levels 3‒5

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The two crabs were terrified. They became friends and came up with their names. Since many tourists refused to buy them, they waited to be sold. One day, Emma (aka, CharLene) chose them, and their adventures began. Even their car ride to her home was filled with peril. Emma introduced them to the crabarium she’d meticulously created to provide a dream home for them so she could sit and watch their antics.

 Whether you know a little, a lot, or nothing about hermit crabs and their care, you’ll know a great deal once you’ve read this fascinating book. I guarantee that you’ll enjoy Sam and Flam’s exploits.

 You’ll laugh at the hermit crabs’ activities in their crabarium, what they hear when Ms. Emma teaches her neighbor’s children all about hermit crabs and meeting their new crab friends.

 CharLene’s book will give readers and listeners alike an in-depth look at the intricacies of hermit crabs, their habits, their body parts, their nocturnal activities, how they play and climb, and more. The book has been approved by a co-host of Crab Con 2022, the largest hermit-crab convention in the world.

 The fun, playful, colorful artwork showing Sam, Flam, and their crab friends will give readers and listeners humorous takes on hermit crabs. The real-life photos show wide varieties of hermit crabs and their shells.

 Sam and Flam—Forever Friends is an enlightening book about hermit crabs, the people who care for them, and all that makes them special. It will be sure to make readers want to read it time and again.


Sam and Flam―Forever Friends

CharLene Seay is many things: an entertainer, a vocalist, a mother, a grandmother, an actress, a songwriter, a floral and home-decor designer, a Christian, a pianist, and a pet owner of two precious cats, just to mention a few of the many pets she’s had throughout her life.


 CharLene is a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, and the eldest of four. She came from a musical family. All the family sang in church. Her daddy played guitar and CharLene played the piano. Both played by ear!

CharLene became acquainted with hermit crabs in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She started to purchase crabs, and they became her pets. She thought they were such fascinating creatures that she continued to buy many, many, many more. Every time she bought them, the clerks in the beach stores exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, those are some lucky hermit crabs!” CharLene bought so many crabs that she had to turn a fish aquarium into a crabarium. That’s where the story of Sam and Flam—Forever Friends originated.  

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