By Cameron Pendergraft

Picture Book
50 pages


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Cameron introduced Tigger to readers while the dog was living with her first family. She was funny looking with short legs and a long, chubby body. She had a big head, little ears, and kind eyes the color of chocolate.

 Tigger loved her family. She liked to run outdoors, play with her squeaky toys, and sleep on the soft couch.

 Then one day her family packed up and moved. On their way, they abandoned Tigger at an animal shelter. She was afraid when they left her there all alone with those other barking dogs. As seven months at the shelter wore on, Tigger became lonely and isolated in the cage. Though people looked at her, no one rubbed her ears. Nor did they tell her she was a good girl.

 Finally Cameron came one day and took Tigger into a big room. The author gave her gentle ear rubs, had a squeaky toy for Tigger to play with, and offered her a lap to sit on. Cameron adopted Tigger and took her home.

 In her new home with her new family, Tigger thrived. Family members never failed to tell her that she was the prettiest dog they’d ever seen. They held Tigger, gently rubbed her ears, and gave her many squeaky toys.

Cameron Pendergraft
and Tigger

Cameron Pendergraft has always loved reading aloud to children and pets. She wrote this picture book about Tigger’s story for her grandchildren. Her book told the story of what happened to Tigger from the dog’s perspective. The resulting heartfelt offering illustrated how one family could make a difference in the life of a lonely dog abandoned at an animal shelter for seven long, agonizing months. Cameron’s book reinforces the need for people who want to adopt a pet to consider animals in shelters.

Cameron lives in Oxford, North Carolina, with her husband Steve, their dog Tigger, and four cats.

The Story About Tigger is her first children's book.


Tigger Coloring Pages (pdf)
(three pages)