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At Paws and Claws Publishing, LLC, we want to publish books that give children and teenagers—as well as the adults who read to them, mentor them, guide them, and teach them—the kinds of books that will influence them to make a positive difference in our world and to be successful, well-rounded, compassionate human beings.

     In the publishing world, smaller can be better. Yes, Paws and Claws Publishing is a small company. We accept books from first-time authors as well as established authors. We don’t expect every author to write sequels. We work one-on-one with each author from the time we first contact him or her. We don’t create cookie-cutter books. Every book is unique, tailored to the author’s story and message and desires, and enticing to readers and book buyers alike.

     Every author earns membership to an exclusive club: the Paws and Claws Publishing family. You see, once we commit to an author, we remain committed to him or her. We promote and market every author and their book(s) in perpetuity. Our books won’t go out of print. Each author’s family membership won’t expire.  

     We have several advantages over large publishing houses. We care passionately about books. We always have, and we always will. We grew up reading, reading, and reading. We couldn’t devour enough books. All kinds of books. (MORE)

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Welcome to Paws and Claws Publishing, LLC
Passion is our principle. Making a difference is our passion.        

Our Vision Statement

Our goal is to publish books that make a difference. Books that have something important to say to readers.
Books that may motivate and inspire their readers to make positive changes in our world or to impact the lives of all living creatures.


A Barnyard
Tea Party


Cathy Robbins

Lizzie and her mom planned, decorated for, and held a fancy tea party for all their farm-animal friends in their barn. Everyone wore their finest. To their surprise, their sweet and savory treats and steaming tea came with a side of excitement.


Awake All Night!


Cameron Pendergraft

The first sleepover at her home was exciting and fun for this little girl. The two best friends took a bubble bath, ate pizza, colored pictures, and read books. Only one wanted to stay awake all night, but were they able to do that?


Sam And Flam
Forever Friends


CharLene Seay

Ocean currents pushed two large hermit crabs onto shore. Their capture and Superstore stay led to many adventures. A dedicated hermit-crab lover provided them a crabarium filled with all they needed for a healthy life. You’ll learn lots about hermit crabs and their care.


Murphy’s Neighborhood


Martha Smith

Murphy the cat discovered a garage full of amazing things and explored it. Murphy visited Popsy daily, watched him work, and disappeared.

 Popsy wanted to adopt Murphy.